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An Awareness and Education Initiative dedicated to helping end child sex trafficking, as a preventative measure.

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Internationally, only about .4% survivors of Human Trafficking cases are identified, meaning most cases are unreported.


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Human sex trafficking is a global disease.

Children who are involved in the commercial sex industry are victims of a severe form of trafficking. Children are introduced to the industry by force, fraud or coercion. These victims often have no support, have experienced trauma, and cannot escape the cycle alone. Those who survive into adulthood sometimes become traffickers themselves. Tragically, a new victim enters the cycle every 15 seconds.


People of all ages are victims.

Children who are selling sex choose to do so.


Teenagers between the age of 13-16 are the most trafficked victims.


Only children who are poor and live in third world countries are victims of child sex trafficking.


Children who are selling sex choose to do so. A child can consent to sex.


Parents do not  choose to traffick their child(ren).


Child sex trafficking is NOT a problem where you live.

Males are victims, too

Presently, statistics about the number of male children involved in sex trafficking are inadequate. Estimates must account for the fact that males are often ashamed and culturally chastened to discuss their victimization.

Abuse is a common control tactic

NO CHILD WANTS TO BE A PROSTITUTE. Violence, assault, rape, coercion and threats are common practices used by traffickers to gain the compliance of their victims. Some children are killed in the midst of this repeat abuse.

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